I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have..."

2 Tim 1:6



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Stirring It UpStirring it Up


Stirring It Up contains practical advice for keeping the Holy Spirit stirred up in your life. Though written with Catholic teens in mind, this book will benefit anyone who is interested in growing closer to God.


I. Dedication & Mad Props


II. Introduction - Awe, Fear, a Trigger, and Doubt


III. Chapters

  1. Pleasure to Angels
  2. Shut Up! (praying for death and black shoes)
  3. Ugly Emily
  4. The “F” Word
  5. Sacred Moments (like winning the World Series)
  6. I Reckon’ So
  7. Show Me…Your Future
  8. The Worst Memory Ever
  9. Jon & Amber’s Keg Party
  10. An Indian Named Tonto
  11. The Case of the Boiling Frog
  12. The Final Chapter – Heaven

IV. Appendices

  1. Sinners on Prayer
  2. The Word from Your Peers
  3. Nothing Like Going Down a Slide…
  4. More on the “F” Word

V. Prayer for Healing of Memories



All Bottled UpAll Bottled Up


All Bottled Up consists of actual letters Paul has received from teens - and his answers - to questions on many of today's hot issues including eating disorders, drugs, cutting, and teen sexuality.


Anonymous Gut-Spilling

I Personally Don’t Believe in God (if there really is one)

Faith is Just Ridiculous

I Don’t Feel That Close to God

Contradiction in Some of the Church’s Teachings

My Mom Has Cancer

My Dad Just Doesn’t Get Me

I Won’t Even Call Him Dad

Around Different People I Act Different

I Wear Masks All of the Time

How Come I Can’t Be Happy Now?

I Have a “Secret Life”

Disgusting Cuts on Her Arms

Dealing with an Eating Disorder

My Bulimic “Friend”

Don’t Drugs Broaden Your Horizons?

My Friend Quit Drugs & I Wanna Help

Suicide and Heaven

I Have This Online Relationship

Is It OK to !&@^$#! Cuss?

I Started Going to This Other Church

Just French Kissing

Ashamed & Embarrassed & Not A Virgin

I Had Sex

She’s Offering Oral Sex

He Likes Porn

How Can I Stop Masturbating?

I’m A Teenage Guy and I Think I Like Guys

Why Is Sex So Important?

Unanswered Questions?

End Notes



Stirring It Up MoreStirring It Up More
(the Audio CD)


Stirring It Up More is an audio CD on which Paul shares some inspirational thoughts on the spiritual life - and some silliness! You will also hear messages from Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II on this disc.


Click here to download the entire CD (61 MB - ZIP format).


If you'd like to listen to a particular track, click the 'play' button:

  1. Introduction (1.3 MB)

  2. Benedict XVI (1.6 MB)

  3. John Paul II (2 MB)

  4. First Things First (4.7 MB)

  5. Deer Hunting with God (4.7 MB)

  6. I Want to Cut off My Arm (5.9 MB)

  7. My Stupid Fake Happy Self (3.5 MB)

  8. Necessary Sin (4.9 MB)

  9. Thank You, Larry Walker! (3.6 MB)

  10. Redefining Cool (5.2 MB)

  11. Snuggling (4.3 MB)

  12. Today is Good Friday (5.4 MB)

  13. Heaven (7.8 MB)

  14. Farewell from Paul (0.9 MB)

  15. Hidden Track One (3.7 MB)

  16. Hidden Track Two (4.4 MB)