I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have..."

2 Tim 1:6

Stir It Up!


Paul Masek, a 20-year veteran of youth ministry, is pleased to announce the completion of his three-part book project, which is now available for purchase. Each part of this project has been granted an Imprimatur by Bishop Robert J. Hermann, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis, who says:

The whole book simply exudes the faith of the Catholic Church. It reflects the deep prayer life of an individual who is deeply in love with Christ and the Catholic Church and simply wants to share that deep faith with others.

Here is a brief description of each portion of this project (click on one of the images to see the contents) -

Stirring It Up

Stirring It Up!Stirring It Up contains practical advice for keeping the Holy Spirit stirred up in your life. Though written with Catholic teens in mind, this book will benefit anyone who is interested in growing closer to God.

All Bottled Up

Bottling It UpAll Bottled Up consists of actual letters Paul has received from teens - and his answers - to questions on many of today's hot issues including eating disorders, drugs, cutting, and teen sexuality.

Stirring It Up More

Stirring It Up MoreStirring It Up More is an audio CD on which Paul shares some inspirational thoughts on the spiritual life - and some silliness! You will also hear messages from Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II on this disc.